Friday, September 30, 2011

A Conversation Overheard in the Elevator

Nowadays it seems more and more folks are riding bikes and I notice many more children riding safely on the sidewalk or on the edge of the road with the direction of traffic. It’s unfortunate that many vehicle operators still have a blatant disregard for their safety by recklessly speeding through neighborhoods or driving distracted. I was in the elevator at work the other day and a gentleman was relating to a coworker how his son had been hit by the mirror of a pickup truck while riding his bike with a friend. This was the kind of mirror that sticks way out from the side of the truck. Hi son’s friend witnessed the accident and tried to get the truck’s plate number. Unfortunately the driver gunned the engine and sped off as quickly as possible to avoid being identified. Incidentally, the boy who was struck was only 12. Many of the bicyclists I ride with, including myself, are of the “spandex clad” variety. We often view ourselves as unique when it comes to motorist aggression or carelessness. In fact, as I’ve noticed over the years, we are NOT at all unique. Any pedestrian, handicapped person in a motorized wheelchair, child on a scooter or anyone on wheeled device, is at the mercy of irresponsible driver behavior. What we need today is modern version of the “stocks” where this type of driver can be fined, imprisoned and publically humiliated to the point the others would take their driving privileges a lot more seriously. Any ideas? Mike Wolk

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our Case for the Ashley Crossing to SCDOT

This letter was sent Thursday to Robert St. Onge, Secretary of the South Carolina Department of Transportation.  In it, Charleston Moves details the robust level of support that exists in our community for the proposal to re-dedicate a lane over the Ashley River for use by cyclists and pedestrians.  Please click on the image below to read the letter in full. St Onge - Legare Bridge You can show your support for the Ashley Crossing Coalition by going to the ACC Facebook page.

Okay, Fine, It's War

illustration from The Stranger, Seattle
Cyclists are dying, collisions are rising, and people who claim that there is a "War on Cars" are out of control—it's time for a reality check and an action plan.
Thus says THE STRANGER, Seattle, Washington's edgy publication laying it on the line about the widely-voiced antagonism that has developed between the motoring establishment and the "non-driving classes."
Is this where we're headed?  Or, can we achieve and maintain a more respectful, productive dialogue?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Charleston Neck Prosperity Meetings - Need your help

Berkeley-Dorchester-Charleston Council of Governments has been working on plans to improve bike and pedestrian resources within the Charleston Neck region. Their area of focus covers from well above Park Circle in North Charleston to all the way below the crosstown in downtown Charleston.
Last Monday night there was a focus group session in which a few individuals hashed out several problems and solutions for bike/ped plans in this area. The BDC COG has put a lot of thought into their plans and there are some strong ideas on the table, however more input is needed in order to make this successful and applicable to everyone in this region. All next week, the BDC COG is holding public information sessions which interested individuals can attend and voice their opinions and needs.

I strongly encourage anyone who lives in in this region and rides for work or play to attend these meetings and let their voice be heard. For those of us that live in this area and ride these roads often, we know there is plenty of work to be done. PLEASE attend these sessions, these decisions will impact all of us and it's important that we represent the interests of our own communities.

The sessions will be held at Sterett Hall, 1530 7th Street and Hobson Avenue, North Charleston, SC 29405 (former Charleston Naval Base). A flyer with the times and dates of the evening sessions is on the website at: Neck Charrette Flyer.pdf
I hope everyone can make it to at least one session, let your voice be heard and help support progress in this area!

Charleston's "Neck" Area: Targeting for Excellence

Partnership for Prosperity Community Design
Charrette, September 26-30, 2011

Charleston's Neck area holds great promise for economic growth and for excellence in planning that should include great bicycle and pedestrian facilities.  Here's your chance to provide input.

Monday, September 26, 2011 through Friday, September 30, 2011
 Where:Sterett Hall, 1530 7th Street and Hobson Avenue, North Charleston, SC 29405 (located on the former Charleston Navy Base)
 Description:The Plan for Prosperity Charrette brings the design team to the Neck Area for an intensive work week September 26 - 30, 2011. Residents, employees, property and/or business owners, and neighborhood friends are invited to join us for a number of community meetings and drop-in sessions.

for more info, CLICK HERE

Saturday, September 17, 2011

From Ernest Andrade, Director, Business Development, 
Charleston Digital Corridor:
"I thought you may enjoy a shot of the very successful bike racks at Flagship2. Design by Jacob Lindsey and hooks and lumber from Lowes. Simple is Good."

ANSWER: Ernest:  Thank you for setting such a good example.  In re-fitting the former Channel Five building on East Bay Street in Charleston for your Digital Corridor Flagship expansion, you saw an opportunity to accomodate bicycles.  This will encourage folks to RIDE bicycles to work, an all-around PLUS for Charleston!  Congratulations!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Transportation Bill Approved in the Senate-- Good news for Bicycling and Walking

Great News!

Dear Mark,

Earlier this evening the Senate passed a clean extension of the surface transportation program until March 31, 2012.  The measure passed by a vote of (92-6).

The League would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time this week to participate in our campaign to urge your Senators to pass a clean extension of the transportation bill in opposition of Senator Coburn’s (R-OK) efforts to strip Transportation Enhancements from the bill. 

Due in very large part to your participation the League generated over 10,000 messages to Senate offices, this number combined with other national advocacy groups brought the total number of messages sent to Senate offices to well over 45000.  In the face of such a resounding response Mr. Coburn eventually gave up his opposition to the bill. THIS TIME.

Bicycle and pedestrian advocates and enthusiasts are certainly a passionate group and over the course of the next six months as Congress continues to debate the next transportation authorization bill we will need to call on you again.  We fully expect the next battle to be even more challenging.

Thanks again.

Walter Finch
Advocacy Director
League of American Bicyclists 

COME HEAR MATT KEARNEY: Help Charleston Moves!!

Half-Moon Outfitters presents Mat Kearney in a late-afternoon appearance.  Come hear him, and have a little fun.  A raffle benefits Charleston Moves!!

3:30 - 5PM..


Mathew Kearney gets raves for his Columbia Records debut, Nothing Left to Lose.
So far, he has a total of four top 20 hits on the Adult Top 40 Chart.
His most recent album, Young Love, was released on August 2nd, 2011. 
The album's first single, "Hey Mama," was released on May 10, 2011.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Transportation funding for Bicycle and Pedestrian projects is at risk. A senator believes that we are better off building more roads, and more often, then providing access for all 3 transportation options. You can let your senator know what you want done with our tax money:

Thanks for taking the time to support this resource that will help us make this area safer for everyone

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Article Poses Strong Challenge to Mitch Hollon "Accident"

To read the complete article, click here.
if the click-through does not work, copy and paste the following link into your browser's window:

Sunday, September 11, 2011

City Paper's Coverage of Bicycle BrewHaHa

Charleston has an incredibly diverse biking community, and they all came together on Thursday for the Bicycle Brew Haha, hosted by Charleston Moves.
to read the complete Charleston City Paper story CLICK HERE.

Do Your Part: Help Preserve Funds for Biking/Walking

Take a moment.  Watch this brief video.  And please do as the man tells you.  Thank You!
<iframe width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Stark Stats: Americans More Likely to Die on Bicycles

DYING while cycling is three to five times more likely in America than in Denmark, Germany or the Netherlands. 

To understand why, consider the death of Michael Wang. 

To read the entire article in The Economist, click here. 

(and thanks to Stephen Zoukis)

Friday, September 2, 2011

ABC News4 on the Ashley Crossing!!

Here's ABC News Four's report on the feasibility of using one lane over the Ashley River for cyclists and Pedestrians:   take a look at