Friday, November 20, 2009



The Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments (BCDCOG) is updating the regional long-range transportation plan to determine how to spend over $400 million in the next 25 years in the urban areas and we’d like to receive as much input from the community as possible to see where you want to spend your federal transportation $$$- be in transit, bike lanes, roadways, etc.


The following link will direct you to a survey that we’ll use to assess transportation (and development / land use) priorities.


I can not express enough how important it is that everyone take a few minutes to fill this out so we get this input for our transportation board (CHATS)

Kindly let me know if you have any questions.

Vonie Gilreath, MCRP, M.Ed.

Mobility Manager

Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments

1362 McMillan Avenue, Suite 100

North Charleston, SC 29405

Tel: (843) 529-0400

Fax: (843) 529-0305

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stylin' Bike for Downtown Shopping Trips

Wytze's graduation project for Cannondale from Eelke D. on Vimeo.

Solution to Jumbled Bicycle Parking!

Check this out! a Bicycle "Parking Tree" made in Japan..



Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bikes on Sidewalks: A YES Vote!

In the face of unanimous advice against it by bicycle advocates, the Charleston City Council last night approved a measure that would allow bicyclists to use sidewalks adjacent to roads with speed limits above 35mph. The measure also allows children 12 and under to use the sidewalks in most areas of the city (not the commercial and tourism portions of the peninsula).
Charleston Moves, The Palmetto Cycling Coalition, the City's own Bike and Pedestrian Committee as well as Coastal Cyclists all argued strenuously against the measure.
It had been sponsored by City Councilman Gary White. White had been approached by parents on Daniel Island seeking to "decriminalize" their children's bicycle use.
The discussion among members of the council was lively. "It just showed how confusing a measure like this actually is," said Tom Bradford of Charleston Moves. "The best law is the law that keeps people off sidewalks and is totally consistent," he added.
However, at the urging of Mayor Riley, the measure comes up for review automatically on May 1 of 2010.
At that time, the composition of the City Council will have shifted somewhat. Hopefully, new accident statistics won't prove the case against it, and, when it is reconsideered, it can be defeated by clearer heads.

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T H I S is a link to The Digitel's coverage.

Friday, November 13, 2009

More on Bicycles on Charleston Sidewalks

TOPIC: Bicyclists (Skateboarders, etc.) on Sidewalks
WHEN: Thursday evening, Nov 12
OUTCOME: Problematic

Charleston Moves and the Palmetto Cycling Coalition both were represented at a meeting in the City of Charleston's Planning and Neighborhoods department over proposed changes to the City of Charleston's ban on bicycle riding on sidewalks.

In attendance were Scott Royce, Lauren Hutton, and Lisa Cunningham, members of the PCC Board, and Tom Bradford of Charleston Moves, Councilman Gary White, Janie Borden, Assistant Corporation Council, Phillip Overcash, Bicycle and Pedestrian Director for the City Planning Department, and Robert Somerville, Assistant Director of the Department of Traffic and Transportation. The meeting lasted for two hours.

At issue was Councilman White's proposed change that would permit cyclists on sidewalks within the city, under some circumstances.

Both CM and the PCC had filed position papers objecting to the proposal strenously, on the grounds that riding bicycles on sidewalks is several times more dangerous than riding in travel lanes. (For more, CLICK HERE for just one overwhelming list of the problems.) (The PCC's position paper is published just below this article and The Charleston Moves position paper is published in full, below, on this blog.)

Despite the statistical evidence we presented, Councilman White seemed to be sticking to his guns that bicyclists should be permitted to ride on sidewalks, at least in some circumstances. He eventually agreed to lower the age at which one has to stop riding on sidewalks from 15 (in the original draft ordinance) to 12 years of age.

However, further down in the ordinance, it reads,

"No person shall ride on a sidewalk unless:

3. Where the adjacent highway has a posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour or more, adults and children may ride bicycles on the sidewalk"

We told him that we strongly object to this and that adults are always safer on the road. The PCC's Lisa Cunningham told him frankly that she thought people will get killed if the law says they can ride on the sidewalk.

Other negative aspects of his proposal would be to perpetuate beliefs among some motorists that bicyclists haven't the right to ride in the traffic lane (despite state law) as well as the serious concern is that if a cyclist on the road is hit by a car, the driver's attorney will say "well, s/he had the option to be on the sidewalk".

The amendment is listed on the agenda for the Monday evening meeting (5pm) of the City Council (80 Broad Street). (Full Agenda posted below. See Item "K")

Any public comments on the proposal will be entertained only during "Public Participation Periods" in the meeting

Palmetto Cycling Coalition Position Paper: Bikes on Sidewalks

Charleston City Council Agenda Nov 16

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And How About Making Stairs Fun??

NPR: Group Pushing for Safer Sidewalks

Walking, biking and other forms of physical activity are central to a healthy life, and for many, the only way of getting from here to there. The problem is that our thoroughfares are often designed for cars and traffic flow. In 15 years, they've killed more than 70,000 people. Health groups and others have been pushing for a more walkable, bikeable world and states are realizing things need to change. LISTEN TO NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO'S REPORT.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Dig It: the Long Line of Cars...

...and the camera on the bike passes 'em all.

Watch it. Click here

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Walking, Running Event in Walterboro Benefits Colleton H.S. "Band of Blue"

The Colleton County High School Band of Blue stages its
first annual 5K Run/Walk in Walterboro S.C. on Nov 14,2009 .
Registration is at the County parking lot across from the Court
House,on the corner of Jefferies and Washington Streets in Walterboro. It begins at 7:30 and the Run/Walk starts at 9:00am. Runners and walkers should click here to download an application or pick up one at Fit Life in Walterboro (and mail in as soon as possible for your t-shirt size).
The 5K will go through part of Walterboro's beautiful Great
Swamp walking trail and then through Forest Hills. The course will be mostly flat but will have some small hills, water at the midway point and water at the end. Throphies will be awarded for three top finishers male/female runners and three top finishers male/female walkers. Throphies will also be given in 10-year age groups for
runners and walkers. A long sleeve t-shirt will be included with the registration fee of 20.00.
The name of the event is the 1st Annual Palmetto Stride. This
fundraiser is to help get the "Band of Blue" band to New Orleans in February to march in the Mardi Gras Parade.

Nailing Down the importance of "Streetscape.:

Here's our friend Bill Eubanks of Urban Edge Studios at the most recent Pecha Kucha.
His presentation is dead-on what CM Stands for. Watch and comment.