Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Roadwise Plan for Folly/Camp Roads Intersection

I attended The Charleston County Roadwise public information meeting about proposed improvements to the intersection of Folly Rd. and Camp Rd., held Wednesday evening, Nov. 14 at the James Island High School. (The interesction of Folly Rd. with Eugene Gibbs Street and River Point Row is included in the scope of this project.)

The main objective of the project is to streamline auto traffic flow on this congested thorofare.

This is a relatively modest project. The engineers said that finances prevented them from drawing up a much more expansive plan that would accomodate the traffic volumes projected for a decade from now. We think that is fortunate as the scale and scope of the project as presented seem a good compromise, avoiding the "Sam-Rittenbergization" of Folly Road.

In keeping with elected officials' committment to the concept of "Complete Streets," the first of two options presented (depicted in the rendering above) INCLUDES a bike lane. An alternative plan OMITS the bike lane. Both include sidewalks for pedestrians, with standard crosswalks at the intersections.
One citizen questioned the need for bike lanes on these busy roads, but to their credit, the engineers defended the concept of "Complete Streets." The main difference between the with-bikelane/without-bikelane options appears to be the contention that building the bike lane will mean removal of 11 more major trees.
The overall emphasis of this proposal is on automotive throughput. What may be lacking is adequate care to maintain human scale and beauty and measures to "calm" traffic.
However, if this plan -- with bike lanes and sidewalks -- is adopted, we have little to complain about.
Please visit to view further details on this plan and be sure to register your comments about it there.
-Tom Bradford-