Saturday, September 29, 2007


This is a typical urban scene in Copenhagen, Denmark where public officials years ago mustered the courage to convert the city from a virtual cars-only environment to this. It makes for healthier, happier people, and vastly reduced dependence on oil

Friday, September 28, 2007

Charleston County Roads - Roadwise??

Proposed Maybank Highway Urban Section

Don Sparks and Tom Bradford of Charleston Moves and Yvonne Gilreath of the Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments met recently with officials of Charleston County Roadwise.
One of the options Roadwise staff are strongly considering for some of their projects is a curvy multi-use path such as can be seen on Kiawah Island where bikes are banned from roads.
While these paths may be picturesque, our position is that they will be inefficient and not used by anyone trying to get from one place to another quickly by bicycle.
And while clearly there is a need to move automobiles on these new roads, the Maybank Highway illustration above appears much more like a highway than a road through neighborhoods. We favor traffic calming devices that pay strict attention to the fact that pedestrians, joggers and cyclists all must coexist with the autos.
Charleston Moves will "stay on the case."

East Coast Greenway in South Carolina

CM members have been working hard on the East Coast Greenway (ECG), the 3,000-mile multi-use path stretching from Maine to Key West. Both the Ravenel Bridge and the West Ashley Greenway have already been designated as elements of the ECG. Delineating the route from Charleston to Savannah is our immediate challenge. CM participated in a Greenway "summit" last week in Beaufort. Attendees included representatives from SCDOT, State Senator Kathleen Ceips of Beaufort, representatives from the Trust for Public Land as well as a number of bike and pedestrian advocates from the southern portion of the state. The focus of the meeting was the improvements being made on portions of Highway 17 in Beaufort and Colleton Counties and the short stretch of bike and pedestrian path that is being built as a part of that project. We are urging DOT to build much more of this ten-foot-wide multi-use path while their equipment is on site. The group is also asking the Senate to adopt a resolution urging state agencies to support the completion of the Greenway through the our state.

Charleston, Mt. Pleasant Bike/Ped Progress

The City of Charleston has been installing new bikes racks in strategic locations near King Street. Accompanying the new racks are signs directing cyclists to the new racks and existing racks in parking garages.
Anyone that cycles downtown knows bike parking on or near King Street can be a pain since it is actually illegal to lock your bike to things like signs, parking meters and street lamps. So the City’s effort is certainly appreciated.
The Town of Mount Pleasant is installing new traffic signals and intersections on Coleman Boulevard and these include pedestrian signals. These are the first pedestrian signals on Coleman Boulevard. Coleman really needs these signals and crosswalks as without them it is a barrier for those wanting to cross on foot. Mount Pleasant is designing a series of improvements to Coleman Boulevard so it is safer and more fun to walk.
Certainly other places in the Charleston region must be making similar improvements. Please let us know so we can give credit where it is due. These details – bike parking and pedestrian signals – can make the difference between walking and cycling being a real transportation option or not.