Friday, April 27, 2012

Maybank Highway, Johns Island: A Crucial Decision

Charleston Moves has endorsed a plan for improvements of Maybank Highway. We have chosen an alternative that disperses traffic onto smaller roads and creates calmer, more human-scale conditions.  We believe this option will also go much further in preserving aspects of the rural character of John's Island.
Click on the image below to see the position paper fullscreen.

Maybank-Johns Isl Position Paper4!27!12 The images below show details of (A) Alternative A which we reject as "more of the same" higher-speed, ugly roads that are already a blight upon the Lowcountry, and other maps and sections of the projects.
Captions for the images are BELOW each.  Please do not be swayed by pretty colors and clean lines.  It is the number of lanes, the lane width, and the posted speed limits that really count.
  Alternative a - Widening Typicals Alternative A: A poor alternative funnels all traffic onto a single corridor Alternative B - Town Country and Pitchfork River Road to Stono River Bridge Alternative B: (the map) Look closely to see the "pitchfork:" two roads on the north and the south of Maybank carry specific traffic in separate directions. The result: calmer, more human-scale roads with safer conditions for people on foot and on bicycles. Alternative B - Town Country and Pitchfork Typicals of Town and Country Sections Alternative B Sections: This shows what roads would look like in "country" segments and in "town," or more developed sections. Note that speed limits are 35mph in the "country" and 25mph in the "town" sections. You may post your own comments at the official Charleston County Roadwise website by clicking here.

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