Wednesday, April 11, 2012

First Step: Getting Bikes Back on the JIC

A five-person contingent representing Charleston Moves and the Coastal Conservation League travelled to Columbia early today to support a legislative amendment that would get bicyclists back on the James Island Connector.
The measure was sponsored by Sen. Chip Campsen, R-Isle of Palms.  It provides for municipalities such as Charleston to approve their own local legislation that would permit exeptions to the statewide prohibition against bikes and pedestrians on "limited access" roads.
A representative of the South Carolina Department of Transportation was present and offered no objection to the measure. It was approved unanimously by the subcommittee.
Testifying for the measure, Charleston Moves Director Tom Bradford urged its passage because 1/there is no safer route in existence, and, 2/measures like these are important as we encourage healthy lifestyles and deal with our hand-in-hand epidemics of inactivity, obesity and diabetes. This is Bradford's full statement. You can click on it to read it full-screen. Notes for Testimony What's next? Another hearing before the full Senate Transportation Comittee before it moves onto the floor of the Senate and then to the House. Since it is not opposed by SCDOT, it seems ready for relatively smooth sailing.
Special thanks to Don Sparks for his supportive testimony highlighting positive changes making their way into the culture of SCDOT, to Rachael Bronson of the Palmetto Cycling Coalition for her attendance and resolute support in e-mails and social media, to Katie Zimmerman, Patrick Moore and the staffs of Coastal Conservation League in Charleston and Columbia, to Pat Sullivan for her tireless work on this and many other fronts for Charleston Moves, and to Walter Crocker for piloting his newwly-acquired Mercedes "Sprinter" van to transport the Charleston contingent to the hearing


Anonymous said...

Thanks to all who worked on this issue! Byron

Dave Moulton said...

This is great news; will this also allow the City of Charleston to lower the speed limit on JIC?