Monday, April 30, 2012

Charleston Considers Skateboard Ban?!

(Sarah Sheafer / GSO)

Charleston Moves is studying a proposal to ban skateboards within a large area of downtown.
Since we actively advocate self-propelled locomotion, this ban is a non-starter for us.
Of course there are skateboarders, like many bicyclists and motorists, who don't always behave safely on our streets.
Generally, we believe that skateboarders should obey the same rules that bikes and cars must, and...
we believe we need to focus on traffic calming and complete streets as a smart choice for city council... that means: more 4-way stops; crossing "square dances"; very limited one way streets, and none with two lanes; a downtown, city-wide speed of 25mph unless otherwise posted .....  (We even think that non-motorized transportation should have priority.  After all, these streets pre-date the automobile.)
Meantime, we're gathering info on how boarders are regulated in other cities in hopes that we can suggest a constructive alternative.
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