Monday, April 26, 2010

Charleston Moves Board Backs Expedited Construction on Bridge Retrofit

The following letter was sent today (April 26) to Kurt Taylor, Charleston County Deputy Administrator:

Kurt Taylor, Deputy Administrator
Charleston County South Carolina

Members of the board of directors of Charleston Moves have carefully weighed the question of how half-cent sales tax money should be spent in the area just west of the Ashley River.  In a formal vote conducted via e-mail, members overwhelmingly support the proposition that the highest priority be accorded to the construction of a bike and pedestrian way over the Ashley River.

Weighed against any other alternatives, this project is far more important, a keystone link in the area’s transportation network and not merely an amenity. In fact, we think this project will serve that Ashley Bridge District neighborhood itself in more critical ways than the alternatives currently under discussion, and that (as a regional priority) it is on par with the bicycle/pedestrian project that made the Ravenel Bridge such a huge success.

The projects supported by the Ashley Bridge District are worthy. However, they should be accorded lower priority than this one at this time.

The Legare Bridge cantilevered retrofit project shouldn’t be thought of as beautification, or a mere “improvement.”  It is a critical link in our transportation network that will make it possible for people to choose healthier, more environmentally sustainable modes of transportation.

So we urge Charleston County and the City of Charleston to secure funding for this project through whatever means are available.

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