Thursday, October 29, 2009

Charleston Councilman Gary White's Bikes-on-Sidewalks Ordinance

Charleston Moves would appreciate thoughtful examination of the following proposed ordinance, advanced by Charleston City Councilman Gary White.
We realize that, for many people, the thought of riding bicycles on Lowcountry streets and roads is very discouraging. We also understand that kids should not be riding on roads, and that they should learn to ride on sidewalks.
There is already chaos on Charleston's streets with cyclists zooming hither, thither and yon, often with no regard for laws or the public good, angering motorists in the process. The question is: will this ordinance, if approved, add to the chaos? Or would it bring more order to our streets and roads.
Please read the ordinance fully, think it over, andd use the "comment" feature here to publish your thoughts. These comments are moderated.

Bikes Sidewalks Ordinance

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ha1ku said...

What I like:
* It explicitly says when cycling on sidewalks is illegal.
* It explicitly says children can ride on sidewalks.
* Under the right conditions, an adult _may_ ride on the sidewalk (i.e. is not legally compelled to).

What concerns me:
* How will this be enforced?
* How will the public be educated on the changes?
* By allowing cycling on sidewalks/mixed-use trails, you run the risk of cyclist and pedestrian conflict. This, of course, is similar to what is happening now with motorized and non-motorized vehicles. Again, education should be accommodated in conjunction with the ordinance.