Friday, February 29, 2008

Slowing Down the Roadwise Train

Charleston Moves and South Carolina Coastal Conservation League with residents of Johns Island and others have managed to at least light up a big caution light about Roadwise's plans for Maybank Highway.
Most members of the Charleston County Council expressed reservations in some form about plans to widen it (in places) to five lanes. Although the plans call for a ten-foot-wide multi-use path "meandering through the trees," Charleston Moves still felt that a five lane highway with a suicide lane in the middle would create and ugly "gash" on Johns Island, channelling all traffic onto that roadway and creating another Sam Rittenberg Blvd.
City of Charleston planners presented another plan for a system of roadways of varying size that would disperse traffic and tend to keep a large percentage of local trips off Maybank. Charleston Moves believes this system would be calmer, afford more cycling and walking opportunity and in general present a better approach to preserving quality of life.

The bottom line from the County Council meeting: City and County planners have two weeks to at least begin to collaborate and merge their two visions wisely.
We'll be watching.
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